Recipe: Zesty Citrus Water

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As you might imagine, around here, we’re big fans of water. And what could be more refreshing than water spiked with vitamin C-rich citrus fruits? The citrus family includes lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits, as well as lesser-known fruit like pomelos and blood oranges. They add a hint of sweetness to water, and brighten the table. Not only are these fruits high in vitamin C, they also are good sources of folate and potassium. Here’s our easy Zesty Citrus Water recipe, which is perfect for a party, a picnic or just your average weekend refreshment:


Zesty Citrus Water


1 lemon

1 lime

1 orange

1 handful fresh mint

Lemon or lime juice


Wash all of your fruit. Slice the lemons and limes into rounds and add them to a 2-quart glass pitcher filled up about ¾ of the way with ice water. Quarter an orange and squeeze in all of the juice, then toss in the squeezed quarters. Add a handful of fresh mint along with an additional squeeze of lemon or lime juice (to taste).

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