Get Fit During the Big Game

Ah, the Super Bowl. A night of football, long-awaited commercial debuts, and a killer halftime show. It’s also filled with friends and family, but there’s one problem: Super Bowl Sunday is brimming with tons of resolution-busting foods.

On average, people consume around 2,400 calories during the game (and celebrations around it!). But the Big Game doesn’t have to mean big gain!

The good news is that you don’t have to sit back and let the Super Bowl undo the healthy lifestyle you work so hard to maintain. We’ve compiled a fitness challenge that will test your inner athlete to tackle certain workout moves at key moments throughout the game.

Want an even bigger challenge? Add weights to the exercises, or make it a competition with friends to see who can go for the entire game.

Get ready to score a touchdown with these healthy game day snacks, and then get ready to fit this fun challenge in between all of the touchdowns and guacamole. Ready? Break!

When you see…                              Do this…

The Patriots get a touchdown          10 pushups

The Falcons get a touchdown          10 mountain climbers

Every extra point                               5 more pushups or mountain climbers

Start of each quarter                         Run in place for 30 seconds

Anyone score a field goal                 20 jumping jacks

An interception                                 5 burpees

A timeout                                          Alternating lunges

Any celebrity at the game                10 jump squats

A car commercial                              30-second wall squat

Yellow flag                                         15 toe touches

A fumble                                            15 bicycle crunches

A first down                                       15 air squats

The half time performance               4 30-second planks

A penalty                                           1 tricep dip for every yard penalized

A referee play review                        Continue arm circles during review

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