9 Ideas for Frosty Family Fitness

Baby, it’s cold outside. But winter weather shouldn’t stop you and your family from getting the recommended 60 minutes a day of physical activity – especially when there are plenty of ideas for indoor exercises that will keep your little munchkins moving! Here are some to try:

1. Try D.I.Yoga. That’s do-it-yourself yoga. Resources abound for tips on how to lead your own yoga class, so why not learn together as a family? Pull out some beach towels from summer storage and warm up those chilly bones with deep stretches that not only help build physical strength but calm the mind as well. Here are some other tips that’ll help you and your family do yoga safely together.

2. Start a Dance Party. Most families have some signature moves, and sooner or later, everyone follows in their mother’s and father’s footsteps! Whether it’s doing the mashed potato to golden oldies, boogying to 70s hits, line dancing to country riffs, or pumping and jumping to pop and rock tracks, dancing to good music never goes out of style. Need some inspiration? Here are 10 Tunes to Keep You Going!

3. Plan an Obstacle Course. Kids love to build forts with stuff from around the house. Expand their imaginations by building an obstacle course. Throw in suggestions like “do 15 jumping jacks in the corner” or “hop on one foot from here to there” and you’ll have calisthenics covered. Try timing your little training camp cadets so they can track their agility improvements.

4. Practice Off-Season Sports. The best athletic abilities are acquired through three things: practice, practice, practice. In households with an unfinished basement or a room that is sparsely furnished, encourage your kids to develop skills in a favorite sport such as soccer footwork, basketball dribbling, lacrosse cradling, or hand-eye coordination with a softball or racket. Just be sure to remove the valuables first!

5. Sign Up at the YMCA or for Charity Miles. Your local Y likely has an agenda that’s as packed with cold-weather activities as Santa’s sack will be with toys. Find your Y here and see what’s in store for your community or grab the family and some friends and bike, walk, or run for the charity of your choice with Charity Miles! You’ll be doing your body good for a good cause. It’s a win-win!

6. Volunteer for Food and Gift Collections. Ever since Grandma got run over by a reindeer, the safest way to drive around town is helping out at a food drive! This is a great way to work those arm and leg muscles with box sorting, lifting and loading. Check in with local houses of worship, schools, food banks and Salvation Army branches to see if your family can help families in need enjoy the spirit of the season.

7. Ice Skate. Whether it’s on a pond, inside a rink or, for you lucky New Yorkers, around places like Central Park and Rockefeller Center, lacing up the skates is a wonderful way to get fit. Hopefully you’ll succeed in more gliding than sliding, but either way, it’ll be a thrill!

8. Help Around the Neighborhood. The holidays are busy for most families, but some people may need a little help partaking in celebratory events. Is there someone in your neighborhood that you can help? Perhaps a neighbor could use your help putting up their tree, hanging lights, shoveling snow or salting their walkway.

9. Walk in a Winter Wonderland. Whether it’s chasing snowflakes during the first snowfall, taking a walking tour of your neighbors’ front yard décor or leading a carol-singing party, nothing beats the splendor of an old-fashioned winter walk.

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