Keep Your Kids Guzzling Water All Summer

Summer is in full swing and kids are running around like crazy, which means drinking water is a must! Here are some fun ways to keep them guzzling the good stuff all summer long:

Brighten It Up

Children are visual and they like bright colors. The folks at Fresh Baby, whose product line encourages family-friendly healthy eating, suggest adding fruit infused ice cubes to water to make it more colorful and fun. Kids will get the sweet taste of fruit, but the benefits of drinking H2O. They’ll see the bright fruit colors in the cube and taste the sweet juice as the cube melts. Try different fruit combinations and let the kids help. Maybe they love oranges, but refuse to try pineapple. Adding the two fruits together might make for a new favorite fruit. You never know!

A few of our favorite frozen fruit ice cube combos are:

Invest In Success

Just as a new bathing suit gets kids pumped for the pool, a new water bottle can help get kids excited about drinking more water. Check out these eco-friendly bottles from our friends at PlanetBox.

Scale It Down

Make sure you’ve got kids sizes like these bottles from Nestle Pure Life, which are easy for kids to drink, designed to appeal to their sense of humor, and most of all fun!

pr4072_NPL_8oz_Llamas pr4070_NPL_8oz_CrackMeUp pr4069_NPL_8oz_Smile copy

Supply A Straw

Something about straws gets kids excited and ready to drink whatever you have to offer. As an added bonus, they can down a glass of water in about half the time it would take to drink sans straw. Avoid a potential brain freeze by making sure the water isn’t too cold.

Offer It Up

Sometimes it’s as simple as making sure water is readily available. Arm your kids with a water bottle before they head out for the day, welcome them home with a big glass of agua and make sure to always have a pitcher of H2O on the table during dinner.

How do you keep your kiddos hydrated when the weather gets warmer? Share your favorite tips with us on Twitter and tag #H2OfCourse!

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