Featured Recipe: Black Bean & Corn Mason Jar Salad

Mason jars are the new “it” item on the salad scene (trust us, it’s a thing). So why have these 12 oz. glass containers become the salad container du jour?

– They’re portable (and with a screw-on top, they’re also leak free).

– They prevent sogginess (dressing on the bottom is the key to the mason jar salad equation).

– They’re cute (and cute food always tastes better, right?)

So get ready for a happy desk lunch with this delectable Chopped Black Bean and Corn Mason Jar Salad:

Ingredients (Serves 5)


  1. In each of the mason jars pour ¼ cup of salsa. Then divide the Greek yogurt evenly among the jars. This will equal about 1 ½ tablespoons of Greek yogurt per jar. Next divide and layer the rest of the ingredients evenly between the 5 mason jars starting with tomatoes then following with onions, black beans, corn, avocado, cheese, and ending with romaine and cilantro. When ready to eat pour into a bowl, mix together, and enjoy!
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