Healthy Snack Hacks to Curb Every Craving

It happens to everyone: your mind wanders, your stomach begins to rumble and your focus is just, well, off. It can only mean one thing: You’re on the verge of a snack attack!

Before your stomach grumblings lead you to becoming full-blown hangry, remember that there are plenty of ways to snack smarter. Instead of trying to completely ignore the craving (very difficult) or giving in to it recklessly, you can try to find a healthy alternative. Salty, crunchy, sweet: For every craving that attacks between meals, there’s a healthy snack hack to satisfy it.


There are many reasons why we get salty cravings. For many of us, salting food is a habit and low salt tends to taste boring or bland. Or our bodies are missing the necessary minerals that are in salt, like iodine. Even dehydration can lead to salt cravings. When the urge hits, try some of these salty snack hacks:


Sometimes when we’ve been binging on delicious smoothies, soups and yogurts, our jaw needs a little stimulation and we crave that crunch when we bite into our food. Before you dig into a bag of chips, give these crunchy food hacks a go:


Studies show that regularly binging on sugar stimulates dopamine – the “feel-good” chemical, which is very addictive. Sugar is comforting, and for many of us, sugary treats – especially chocolate – are soothing and reassuring like a hug. So when the urge hits, give these healthier treats a whirl:

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