Zero Equipment Workout Ideas

No time? No space? No equipment? No problem! We totally get it: sometimes it’s pouring rain, or the pollen levels are sky high, or you barely have 20 minutes between work and the kids’ activities.

It turns out, you can stay in AND break a sweat without using a single piece of equipment. All you need is a little bit of space, a killer playlist and the right moves. Here are some no-equipment-required, at-home bodyweight workout ideas that you can squeeze in anytime and anywhere:

1. Besides push-ups, there are many other exercises that you can do with limited space and no equipment. Some other basics include jumping jacks, squats, lunges and planks. Brought to you by Al Kavadlo, one of the world’s leading experts in bodyweight strength training and calisthenics, here are three sample routines for varying fitness levels that you can do with limited time and space:

The Routines




Whichever level you choose, try to get through the entire circuit with as few breaks as possible. Once you finish the circuit, you may rest for up to two minutes, and then repeat. See how many times you can get through the routine in 30 minutes.


2. There are tons of moves that get your blood pumping and muscles working (we’re looking at you squats and push-ups), but the burpee, despite being one of the most dreaded, stands above the rest. It seems simple enough. You start in standing position, then squat down until your hands touch the floor and kick your feet back into push-up position. From there, you push-up, then jump back and up into original position and repeat. Sounds doable in theory, but these babies will have you sweating. Which is exactly the point. For an added challenge, you can also try these 5 burpee variations.


3. If you got a chance to check out our Top 7 Fitness Trends of 2016, you would have read that the Functional Fitness style of working out is quickly gaining popularity based on the idea that the exercises we do should imitate the activities of daily life, such as pulling or pushing open doors or walking up stairs. This trend makes so much sense because these workouts help to improve balance, coordination, force, endurance and with general movement throughout the day. These 7 Functional Fitness Exercises can help get you started!


4. Do you enjoy Crossfit? In this 10-minute video, Reebok ambassador Yumi Lee guides you through three rounds of Crossfit-inspired exercises:


5. Downloading the Nike+ Training Club app can help guide you through beginner, intermediate and advanced exercises focusing on drills such as HIIT, yoga and Pilates. Sometimes, we all need a fitness pro in the palm of our hands to push us through those tough workouts and the Nike+ Training Club app is the perfect motivator.

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