Recipes Inspired by the 2016 Oscar Nominees

Hollywood’s red carpet award season is well underway. Anyone who watched the Golden Globes in January knows that our favorite actors and actresses love to don creations by top designers when walking the red carpet. Now we also know that many of them have equally great taste when it comes to their favorite foods!

We decided to dig up the favorite dishes of a few of the Oscar-nominated actors and actresses, and found a healthy love of meat and vegetables. Get ready to eat like an Oscar nominee with these tasty recipes:

Eddie Redmayne: Nominated for Best Actor for his role in The Danish Girl, Eddie once told the Evening Standard his favorite meal in London is at “Ziani’s,” a restaurant that prepares taglierini tartufate, a pasta sautéed with wild mushrooms, zucchini, saffron and truffle oil. If you have a taste for Italian-inspired dishes like Eddie, give some of these recipes a try:

Kate Winslet: When asked if she has a chef, this Actress in Supporting Role nominee for her role in Steve Jobs, told Glamour Magazine, “I do! Her name is Kate! I love to cook; I cook every day. Chicken features a lot in our lives. Chicken ‘bits and bobs,’ as my son calls it, which is basically roasted drumsticks.” Get a taste for chicken like Kate:

Sylvester Stallone: In an article on, this Actor in Supporting Role nominee for his role in Creed said, “I maintain a high protein diet. If it floats, flies, crawls or runs, I eat it. High protein. That’s all.” He went on to say, “For a typical lunch I might have a salad, broiled skinless chicken, broiled squash and some figs or berries. [For dinner] I might have something like broiled fish, another salad, steamed spinach and a couple of slices of dark high-fibre toasted bread.” Get your fill of proteins and salads like Stallone with these tasty recipes:

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