Recipe: On the Go Rainbows

Looking for a refreshing snack that the whole family can enjoy this summer? These vitamin-packed fruit skewers are a simple, colorful and fun way to get kids to eat fruit. They are perfect to grab on the way to the pool, to bring along to a picnic, or to eat as a snack or dessert! Another added bonus: The whole family can help out with the prep.

Pro tip: To prevent fruit from browning (because who enjoys eating brown fruit?), dip in any citric juice such as pineapple or orange juice, or squeeze lemon on top!

On The Go Rainbows Main

On the Go Rainbows


4 wooden skewers

8 red grapes

8 blueberries

8 green grapes

4 chunks pineapple

4 chunks cantaloupe

4 strawberries (leafy tops removed)

Optional: low-fat vanilla yogurt for dipping


Spear fruit onto each skewer in the following order:

2 red grapes, 2 blueberries, 2 green grapes, 1 piece pineapple, 1 piece cantaloupe, 1 strawberry. If desired, dip in yogurt for a creamy twist.

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