Recipe: Green Hummus

Whether it’s seafoam, olive or emerald, get ready to don your favorite shade of green, because it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate the right way, you’ll need all of the green you can get, and this great twist on everyone’s favorite spread is just as good as finding a four-leaf clover!

This easy-to-make Green Hummus tastes delicious and contains an extra dose of nutrition from a few leafy add-ins. It packs a punch with spinach, a kick of arugula, and a hit of fresh flavors from cilantro, green onion and garlic. You will think you’ve found your pot of gold when you purée to a creamy texture for this variation of hummus. A leprechaun would be lucky to join you for this delightful snack (shall we go on?).




In the bowl of a food processor, combine spinach, arugula, cilantro, green onion, garlic cloves, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Close the top, and process until greens break down. Add garbanzo beans, and process until smooth and creamy. Adjust the seasoning before serving, if necessary.

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